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Movie theaters around the world use ButtKicker®-brand products to thrill their audiences, now bring the same excitement home with a Wireless ButtKicker® Kit.
ButtKicker®-brand products accurately reproduce bass and special effects from the subwoofer channel of the sound track… Silently.
They “shake” your couch or home theater seating precisely in sync with your movie, video game or music.
Enjoy realistic special effects and concert-quality music without disturbing the neighbors or waking the kids.

It’s Wireless!
The ButtKicker® Kit features an easy-to-use wireless RF Transmitter and Receiver so that you can send the audio signal from your A/V processor or TV to the ButtKicker® amplifier and ButtKicker® Advance unit.

ButtKicker® Advance
The ButtKicker® Advance low frequency audio transducer is built with patented technology and is powerful enough to shake an entire couch. Can be installed with screws/bolts, or placed under one corner of a couch or chair with the included mounting plate.

ButtKicker® Power Amplifier BKA300-4
The 300 watt BKA300-4 amplifier is powerful and reliable. Includes wireless transmitter and receiver, remote control, and an optional base stand for vertical positioning of the amplifier. Multiple units can easily be daisy-chained together so that one remote will control up to four ButtKicker® systems.

High Quality Cable and Wire Set
The Kit comes with all the cables and wires necessary to connect to almost any home theater system, gaming console or TV.
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Buttkicker Wireless Kit