10256 Taj Mahal
(Creator Expert)

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Discover the architectural wonder of the Taj Mahal!
  • 5923 Bricks
  • Age from 16 years old
  • LEGO® interpretation of the real-world architectural wonder, the Taj Mahal.
  • Relaunched 2008 model, featuring 4 facades with arches and arched windows; central dome, 4 subsidiary domed chambers and 4 minarets, all topped with decorative finials; raised platform lined with recessed arches; ornate detailing throughout; and intricate tilework around the base.
  • Divides into 7 modular sections for easier transportation.
  • Put your LEGO® building skills to the test with one of the largest LEGO models ever created!
  • Special elements include 6 blue 16x32 baseplates, white 1x5x4 bricks with bow, lots of transparent elements, ‘Erling’ bricks and ‘jumper’ plates.
  • This set includes over 5,900 LEGO® pieces.
  • Measures over 16” (43cm) high, 20” (51cm) wide and 20” (51cm) deep.
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LEGO® 10256 Taj Mahal (Creator Expert)