LEGO 21321 International Space Station 國際太空站 燈光組件

HKD $356.00
HKD $179.00
Bring magical shine to your International Space Station .
This lighting kit is designed especially for the Lego® Ideas Series International Space Station 21321.
This highly detailed Lego® model is a spectacle in itself, but when paired with Lightailing lighting kit,
the charming model comes alive, not only during the day but also at night.

Discover a world of fun and surprises with this cool realistic Lightailing light kit.The light is purely handmade.
We have added 1 USB custom-made lighting kits for International Space Station 21321 and hope you’ll love our design.
We have been using warm white lights to decorate International Space Station.
Plug in power, and light up your building blocks with our amazing design!
  • Follow Lightailing step-by-step instruction book to light up your International Space Station 21321, something amazing will happen at night.
  • All our kits are plug and play - no electronics knowledge needed!
The set with customized led wire led light and bricks.
AA Battery Pack (AA Batteries are not included).
Step-by-step instructions for books. (Just as the LEGO set building way, but easier.)
Universal instructions books.